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Pure Elements. Science & nature in harmony.
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Clues Hair Studio

30 Years of Hairdressing Excellence
Whenever you have your hair done, you want to know that the people doing it love what they do, that they care about what you want and understand your lifestyle needs, and that they have the technical ability, the artistic integrity, and the qualifications to create your perfect 'look'.

Cizza Jewellery

Creative people create, and Con is no exception
Not content with creating fashion for hair, and having a love of jewellery, Con has turned his passion for jewels into a successful and much sought-after range of exquisite, unique and precious objet d’arte.

Pures Skincare

Purēs Skincare brings you the best of nature and science for pure, silky skin.
Bringing you the best from nature and science, PURĒS Skincare is designed to stimulate the renewal and reproduction of skin cells for visibly refreshed and younger looking skin for today and tomorrow.